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the 6:00. so, coming up on fox 5 morning news now. the first lady shines at the democratic national convention. >> her job was to sell her husband's vision to voters. >> he believes that when you work hard and have done well and walk through that doorway of opportunity, you do not slam it shut behind you. no, you reach back and you give other folks the same chances that help you succeed. >> michelle obama delivered a rousing call for a second term as the president and first daughters looked on from the white house. we have a live report from charlotte, north carolina, minutes away. >> and apple hacked? a group claimed it stole users' information. what you need to know. >> and our own holly morris is spending the day with dr. oz. he's in d.c. to give us a checkup. as fox 5 morning news at 7
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starts right now. good morning to you. there is a live look outside and not a bad looking start to the day. it's wednesday, september 5th, 2012. i'm tony parkins. >> i'm allison seymour. happy you're with us today. showing you another live picture from the howard university college of medicine where, in just a short time now, a thousand d.c. residents will be getting free physicals thanks to dr. oz. won't to point out, though, if you're checking in and seeing this, all of today's participants are registered. they had to preregister so the physicals will only be given to those who are signed up. >> and that is a good thing. >> a good thing. >> and won't to go to tucker barnes who has the latest this morning. good morning, tucker. >> good morning, everybody. warm and muggy start to the
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day. what else is now? temperatures right now in the upper 70s and going to be a hot one this afternoon. i think slowly we'll lose the humidity and gradually improving forecast into the weekend and the cooler temperatures on the way as well and get a look at the numbers at reagan national, the current temperature is in the 70s, 79 degrees. annapolis, 7:00 a.m. and annapolis, 80 degrees. it's not july anymore, it's september. 81 in quantico. no relief to the south and west, hagerstown, good morning. 72 degrees and dew point temperatures running in the 70s and there is a lot of humidity out there. a few showers to the north and west and a weak cold front moving through shortly and that can kick off a few showers out there during the first half of the day. later this afternoon, i think it's partly to mostly sunny and it might actually feel drier this afternoon. 87 in washington.
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ninety in quantico and 89 in this afternoon in frederick. temperatures running well above normal. all right, we'll look at the weekend next week in just a moment and we'll so traffic. >> and i have a lot of people tweeting me about that roger rabbit. that enough has earned me a slice of tucker barnes birthday cake. >> i have some here for you, julie, with your name on it. >> i'll feed myself. i don't trust you. i can see myself wearing that cake. [ laughter ] and on the roads right now, the crew at sky fox hovering above this incident on the inner loop near the beltway to the georgetown pike. the inner loop is in separate stretches. braddock road to gallows, and to the georgetown pike with the activity on the shoulder. once you get past this, the pace improves to the american legionbridge and to 270. we'll update the ride on 395 northbound leaving duke street. no problems right now. traveling north of landmark and past seminary road. the lanes are open and southbound 270 slow in here in germantown and to mba and shady
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grove to the split. that is a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the search for a missing man in northern virginia. this is 71-year-old david short of alexandrea. police say he's been missing since 9:00 yesterday morning when short was reportedly going to virginia hospital center in arlington. he's believed to be driving a 2006 silver-green honda crv with virginia tags kbk6001. and he may have been in the gainesville area of prince william county looking for a relative. tony. a fallen navy seal from anne arundel county will be laid to rest today. he was among seven americans killed in afghanistan on august 16th. the helicopter crashed during a fire fight with insurgents. monday, his body returned to his hometown of edgewater while
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fellow county residents stood along the road waiving american flags. the funeral is at the chapel next to arlington memorial cemetery. he will be buried there. flags in maryland are flown at half-staff in his honor. >> a prominent defense lawyer is weighing in on a video showing a prince georges county police officer striking a teenager. he told the supervisors the 19- year-old was aggressively resisting arrest and that his gun went off during their struggle. but the video seemto contradict that story. it shows taylor approaching him from behind with the gun drawn. >> i hope if this video is authentic and he la jollaed on the young man, he never wears the badge of a police officer in the county or anywhere in the united states or elsewhere. >> i'm not resisting. >> the video appears to show dorm being hit in the head when the flash of the gun goes off. he spent nearly four months in jail as a result of the
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incident. taylor was indicted last month for allegedly lying about what happened. first lady michelle obama wowed the crowd as one of the primetime speakers of day one at the democratic national convention. tonight, former president bill clinton will waive his magic wand. nicole collins is live in charlotte with all of the details. nicole, tell us about that? >> reporter: left night, first lady michelle obama was well- received here and added a personal touch that the obama campaign wanted her to. she defended some of her husband's policies like his health care law and he didn't put it off for another president to deal with and he took it and ran with it and got it done and had some personal fors to tell about the time when they dated, when the president came up from nothing essentially and built himself
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up. tried to pitch him as that type of man and she was well- received here and we look forward to president bill clinton who will formally nominate president obama tonight for his next four years. allison. >> and we have lifted a couple of sound bites to bring home her message and what she was speaking about to add on to what you said. i guess number one on the hit- list is the economy and let's listen to the first lady right now. >> when it comes to rebuilding the economy, he's thinking about folks like my dad and his grandmother. he's thinking about the pride coming from a hard day's work. that is why he signed the lily ledbetter pay act to help women get equal pay for equal work. that is why he cuts taxes for working families and small businesses is any fought to get
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the auto industry back on its feet. >> the first lady hitting on the segment that the key segment that both are trying to go after, women and the elephant in the room, the last year, four years or so, taxes and who should pay more taxes in that argument. do you think the points were well-brought home? >> reporter: i think it depends who you talk to. i think democrats would say she did a good job doing that. i think, really, one of the key themes that we're seeing in this convention so far is this campaign wants to convey to the american people that they can rebuild this e81my from the middle class out. they're saying the republicans want to basically give breaks to rich people, to extend the bush tax cuts and essentially, that is one of the main arguments we're seeing here and i would say democrats, of course, think she did a great job and some republicans saying not so much. on the republican side, i think
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think analysts thought she hit it out of the park, allison. >> i think we have one more time to hear another sound bite, nicole. listen to this one. >> he's the same man who started his career by turning down high-paying jobs and instead working in struggling neighborhoods where steel plants shut down fighting to rebuild the communities and get folks back to work. for barrack, success is not about how much money you make, it's about the difference you make in people's lives. >> just a few soundbites from our first lady there and tonight, we look forward to president bill clinton. >> i think we lost nicole. thank you very much, that is nicole collins joining us from the democratic national convention this week. tony, over to you. >> all right, thank you very much, allison. and on the gop schedule,
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mitt romney is expected to attend a women for mitt rally with his wife today in ohio. congressman paul ryan will focus on another swing state, attending a rally in adele, iowa. there is a threat to the romney candidate. rudy jr. qualified for the presidential ballot, spending 12 years in congress and from years in the state senate serving as a democrat, independent, and republican. goody's name on the ballot could be an obstacle for romney. he's running as the constitution party's nominee and has support from the independent green party. the state republican party is challenging goody's eligibility. your iphones and ipads could be under attack. >> a hacker group said it stole personal information from an fbi laptop. melanie alnwick has more on this. >> reporter: the group calls itself antisect for saint
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security and -- for antisecurity and it claims it was able to hack into an fbi agent's laptop to find the file. it wants the public to know, in its words, the fbi is using this apple i.d. information for a tracking people project. anti-sect linked up with the group anonymous to publicize the data breach. many sites posted the data. 1million information datas linked to iphones and ipads and the device name. the fbi disputed the claims saying the bureau never asked for or possessed a file of apple i.d. information. still, many organizations have been able to verify the apple i.d.'s posted are valid. every apple device has a unique identification number. it let's itunes and ideveloppers know which is running which app. for example, it can allow a game developer to keep track of the high score. they found 12 million apple i.d.'s and there is a data file
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with user names, zip codes, cell phone numbers and addresses but shows just the 1 million device names and numbers. security experts say that just knowing that i.d. number would not necessarily allow the fbi to track people, but if the name and device can be attached to other personalally identifiable information, that could pose a security risk or risk of identity theft. again, we said that many sites have been taking this data information and have downloaded it and posted it. we have a couple on our website, can you go there and we have links to where can you actually learn how to find that user i.d. on your apple device and search to see if yours is contained in that data breach. tony and allison. >> all right, melanie, thank you very much. alarming news. >> yes, it s. seven 12:00 right -- 712time right now. 79 degrees. a public farewell for the first man to walk on the moon. how you can pay your respects to neil armstrong in the
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district. >> and dr. oz is in town lending a hand to local residents, holly. >> and they lining up, tony, as we treatment is going to be 1,000 d.c. residents getting a free 15-minute physical today. we're live at howard university. that is the line outside. physicals start at 8 a.m. inside, it's a bevee of activity as all of the medical studdence get set up and ready to g. yes, the good doctor himself, dr. size in the house. coming up, we'll talk with him one-on-one about what they're going to look for today and how in the end, it will be a good checkup on the whole city. that is live next, tony. >> thank you very much, holly. as we go to the break, there is a live look outside. we'll get the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie in just a moment. stay with us, we'll be right back at 7:13. [ harry umlaut ] that's one creamy muller.
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. back now on fox 5 morning news. >> oh. check it out. we continue to share your back- to-school pictures. how great is that one? all right, this one is great. check out amore who watches fox 5 morning news before going to class and she is showing some love for tucker barnes, which is appropriate, considering today is his 30th birthday. >> and that is great. >> and you like the kids, tucker. you really do. >> and that is a wonderful quality, tucker. >> a scary image of me here. >> no, it's not. >> let's focus on her. >> adorable. >> yeah. >> and that is the school today? >> and that great. >> how do you feel today, tucker? >> you know, at some point, you want to -- . >> yeah. >> and it's not a big birthday. >> but a birthday while at
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work. >> what? >> we don't have time. >> to go. >> i'm here at work. >> you're not enjoying it. >> i'm loving it a great time. let me do the weather quickly and more on my birthday celebration coming up. >> it's a celebration, excellent. >> and let's go to the temperature. 79 in washington. itiy this morning in annapolis; 81 in quantico and allison, if you haven't shopped yet, you still have time. and that is until 10, so, you can -- . >> i had, you know what? hi big plans and i simply forgot. sorry. >> it's okay. 76 in new york city at this hour and hower -- showers and storms, one or two this morning and we'll get some sunshine this afternoon. a weak cold front is coming through and it will want -- it will want to dry up the atmosphere and not going cool us down a lot. we're going to be hot today and certainly and at least less humidity around here. the can second cold front is in here tomorrow and cooling us down for the weekend.
7:19 am
there is your accuweather seven- day. ninetys thursday, friday, and a cooldown for the weekend and check out monday and tuesday's highs in the 70s. >> and that is weird. >> traveling southbound along 270 and in to this hustle mode. not too icy -- busy here but it will income to shady grove road and all lanes are open. 395 north of duke street north of seminary road, traffic is heavy across the 14th street bridge with all lanes open and no problems now. construction is still in place, 286 at leach apple road. the crews called v-dot for an extension and that is backing up your commute southbound to 286 and the fairfax county parkway. that is a check of your on-time traffic. thank you, gile. a late-night political rally turned into chaos in canada. we'll explain. >> and holly is live with doctor oz. next. we'll be right back. ♪
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. 1,000 checkups in one day. it's taking place here in the district as part of a focus on health, thanks to dr. oz and the staff of the howard university college of medicine. >> and hole morris has more. >> reporter: dr. oz is not just lending his name to the event. he's working, he's here and he's rallying the troops as we speak. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, holly. >> thank you very much for coming out. >> don't you love it? in the morning, and it shows the passion they have here at howard university. and in this community for 150 years. i am proud to be here doing our 15-minute physicals. >> and, obviously, this is a huge success and this is the fourth city you have been in. how does it work and how did you come up with the five indicators? >> the five tests. what is important to understand is in 15 minutes, can you do the testing and give you advice what to do with it and this is
7:24 am
not just for people underserved, obviously, they a big part of the people here and 75% of people have insurance. 25% don't have insurance and have jobs. y that trying to get things going and don't have time to get the basic numbers to define your health. if you can't come here today, there is a five test to get done quickly. the first test is the high blood pressure test. hypertension, the number one cause of aging. get it in a mall and in a pharmacy these days. it's how hard the blood is going through your arteries and how much it's going to age you, depending on whether it's high, 140 over 90. and number go, your waste side. get a measuring tape and put it around your belly button. >> i sucked in as you said that. >> holly's going to do fine here. you want your waste size less than half of your highway patrol and that is true. the chance of having complications like high blood pressure goes up a lot. number three, your waste and you get -- do that now at home
7:25 am
and number four. >> it's what you really weigh, not what you want to weigh? >> exactly. >> or in your mind what you weigh. >> step on the scale and do it. the weight, if it's elevated, we'll give everyone the body mass index, a simple calculation. do that on the web as well once you have your actual weight. we will prediction if you have complications from it. the two biggest complications are elevated cholesterol, the fourth test. >> uh-huh. >> and your blood sugar. that is a huge problem in the district. i worry about it a lot. so many folks wandering around not knowing they have el availabilitied blood sugar or cholesterol and those areagers that drive you in the wrong direction in life. you want to show up in your own life and being vital and hill hi in it and we'll be able to scream. 1,000 people today and more importantly, give the city of washington a report card and that is to get everyone focused. >> and inspire us to get our grade point average up, spike. >> spike.
7:26 am
>> -- so to speak? >> so to speak. >> and a healthy kid physically will perform better in school, to. >> it's about having the knowledge, right? it's not hard to be healthy, you need to know what you need to do and you giving a -- us a game plan. >> and getting the test done the right way. once you have your numbers and you're in control, in less than an hour, i will test holly. and i picked out purple gloves for you. >> purple's royalty. >> of course. >> all right, thank you. high five from dr. oz already and it's not even 730time. we're going to check in throughout the morning and let you know how everything is going and get a real pulse, so to speak, of the city. back to you. >> good stuff. >> won't to lit know to take advantage of great medical information, even if you're not one of the people getting his physical today. go to our website, and look under the mornings page for details under the five life-saving numbers you need to know. it's 7:26 right now. let's get ready for some bad calls. hope not. tonight, fans will be watching the season opener for the nfl
7:27 am
season opener for more than touchdowns. >> plus, the self-proclaimed mom and chief took to the podium on the opening night of the democratic national convention. reaction to her address. next. stay with us.
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. in sports, game two of the series between the nats and kupp cubs. desmond wasted little time and hit a two-run homer in the first inning and drove in two home runs with a double in the second. the nats hit a record six home runs. >> wow. >> and that is including two by adam laroche and they're on fire. they pound the cubs and leads braves by 7 1/2 games in the nl east. they go back at it again tonight and we have to give props to the orioles. who did they beat? >> toronto, 12-0. >> tied with the yankees for first place. >> there you go. >> and the nfl kicks off in new jersey. the giants are playing the hated and lonely dallas cowboys and replacement referees. the league searched for officials with college experience. during the preseason, they made
7:31 am
several mistakes. >> to be fair, so do the regular referees. >> sure. >> i'm not that worried about it yet. if they start doing knifey things. >> right. >> and look cart wheels on the field? >> i have attitude now. >> me, too. >> you expect them to win. >> that's right. >> that is an attitude. >> love it. >> believe it. >> and what do you have for us? >> warm and humid. more of the same here to start the day and some temperatures in the upper 70s. >> what about the nettitude, tuck? >> what else can we do? it's going to gradually get here and arrive in a series of frontal systems. the temperatures are hot this afternoon with upper 80s and maybe some less humidity around here. gradual improvement. 73 in frederick and that is warm out there and still in the
7:32 am
very uncomfortable range in the low 70s and take a look. 72, the current dew point in washington and 72 in a in the lis and we're thinking slightly drier air moving in from the north and west with this cold front, which is, for all intents and purposes, falling a part as we speak and there is some light showers to the north and west and this is not well- defined and we'll take it and some slightly drier area and that is in here late friday and starts the cooldown for the weekend and wait until the seven-day forecast here. it's going to feel like september. 87 today, partly sunny skies, scattered showers and thunderstorms in the forecast and the best chance is south and east of the city and generally washington north and west will be farm to mostly sunny skies this afternoon and
7:33 am
this is that forecast, scattered showers and we heated up the cold front coming in and the highs in the low 90s. there is the cooldown. the weekend into the low 80s, by sunday showers and monday- tuesday, there you go and that is the real deal. the overnight lows in the 50s and that is a look at weather and i like the watch. it's cool. >> -- cool. >> and that is a fall color, tucker barnes. >> we get the switch, don't we? >> yes. snow white after labor day. take off the white shows that i know you're wearing now. exactly. and northbound i-95, still struggling across the woodbridge and out of newington to the capital beltway and this is the i-4 southbound 286, the crews have been out there doing road work overnight and asked for an extension and asked to stay out until 7:30 this
7:34 am
morning and should be clearing it. the big delays from the road and a lady said it's taken her two hours to get her kids to school because of the construction and not a fun start to the wednesday drive here and traveling north on 395, your lanes are open. no accidents are reported from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. a 16-minute commute here and southbound 270. miserable to mantras road, an hour and a half commute traveling southbound to 85. and that is a check of our fox 5 on-time traffic. this morning, violence for quebec's new premier. she was whisked offstage when a gunman opened fire. she was not injured but one person in the crowd was killed. police arrested a 50-year-old man and still don't have a motive. mawaw represents a party favoring separation for the french-speaking province from canada. and closer to home now, the nation will have a chance to say goodbye to neil armstrong.
7:35 am
the first man, of course, to walk on the moon. he'll be remembered at the washington national cathedral on september thingth. the memorial service will be opened to the public on a first- come, first-served basis. he died last month and had a private service already in ohio. still ahead, a stretch of roadway in maryland is getting a safety makeover. >> and free physicals. the first proselected patients are in line this morning. in 20 minutes, we'll see how healthy they are. we'll check in with holly next. the time is 7:35, 79 degrees out there. out there.  s where in season right now.
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mitt romney's position onpprove women's's dangerous. vo:mitt romney and paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. and allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. we can't afford to let him take away our choices... to take away basic health care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest. i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades.
7:38 am
. welcome back. it's 7:38. an alert now for drivers in montgomery county. starting today, tree removal crews will make their way along wisconsin avenue. they plan to remove five large elm trees between norwood drive and cumberland avenue in chevy chase. maryland state highway recently evaluated the trees and determined they were causing a public safety risk and you will encounter lane closures from
7:39 am
9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. today through friday in is that area of chevy chase. d.c. water will help to pay or to install backblow inventors in homes. the city will help pay for that. the device shuts the home off from the street sewer system so sewage doesn't back up into the house. this comes after sunday's heavy rains flooded the bloomingdale neighborhood the fourth time in two months. >> i love that he's never forgotten how he started. i love that we can trust barrack to do what he said he's going to do, even when it's hard. especially when it's hard. i love that for barrack. there is no such thing as us and them. he doesn't care if you a democrat or republican or none of the above and he knows we all love our country.
7:40 am
>> she added an emotional family touch to the democratic national convention last night, focusing more on president obama's values and vision rather than policy differences he has with mitt romney. joining us now are peter fenn, a democratic strategist back from vacation and jim ascenzi, republican strategist. great to have you here. >> great to be back. >> good to see both of you. locate start with michelle obama last night, peter, i'll start with you. how did you think she did? >> i thought it was amazing. it was an emotional speech. hardly a dry eye in the place and very personal. she wrote the speech herself, i'm told. i thought delegates wereup handleibly exit by it, ready to go out and knock on doors which, is what you want and the folks that saw it on the felt the same way. >> jim, what did you think? did you think she did what she needed to do to help -- similar to ann romney last week to
7:41 am
personalize obama and give us the other side of him? >> that is right. i think she was like ann romney. the wives of these politicians sometimes do she, look at it from the different light. she is his wife and the mother of his children. that personal touch, even though she's out more in the political arena because she's been first lady for four years than ann romney's been, i think it helps. any time can you get a spouse rather than a politician, it's like if my wife and peter's wife were here, they would probably do better. >> and there is no doubt about that. >> it's a battle of who had the humbler beginnings and who can understand what the american people are going through right now? >> the beginnings are obviously different. the struggles in both families. clearly the healthcare struggles that ann romney had played in. i think one of the things
7:42 am
interesting about michelle obama is how open she was about her concerns about running for the presidency, what it would do to their family, about what it would do to barrack. would it change him? would it change her? i think one of the things you got from her was, you know, how they have kept their family very tight, how important it s. i really think the american people want to this three- dimensional sense of their candidates and both speeches and both conventions, especially the starting out part, were designed to provide. >> that's right, and the sacrifices that every family makes when someone is an elected official. when you live in a fishbowl. how do you go to the supermarket? obviously, the president and first lady don't do that, you know, the senators and members of congress and they are a part of the community and they're not because they're public servants and that takes a toll on everyone's life. >> and as different as the candidates are and the platforms of the various
7:43 am
parties, there are striking similarities so far. we have a first lady speak, ann romney spoke. last night, yulian -- julian castro spoke reaching out to everyone, in particular the hispanic audience as marco rubio did last week. let's talk about castro. is he a rising star in the democratic party and how did you view his performance? >> i thought he was superb. i tweeted last night when he first started that he had to slow things down a little bit. he had a lot of great lines and let him reverberate in that hall and reverberate on tv and he got better as he moved along. this is a rising star. his brother is hopefully going to be elected to congress in november. his twin brother. >> uh-huh. >> the emotional again, the emotional stories about their parents and grandparents, that resonates with people. people see a window into your soul. >> unfortunately, peter, he's a mayor of san antonio, texas.
7:44 am
>> it's hard -- . >> you know, texas is changing. >> that is right. so is america, but, you know, it will be difficult for him to go a lot further. you right, he -- and this is his platform and -- a young guy. >> opposed to you. >> you look good after your vacation. you're tan -- . >> are you telling me should stay away longer? >> no, no. >> yes. >> you need to be here for the long-haul. >> and talk about tonight. bill clinton. this is a fascinating dynamic going on here between the president and bill clinton. at times it's a rough relationship and now they seemed to have mended fences. really, it's for political reasons. president obama needs bill clinton. let's talk about what we can see tonight. >> i think you're right. president obama needs bill clinton. the stories you have read about the last year, he's reachd out to the former president. let's face it, the choices are bill clinton and jimmy carter.
7:45 am
i don't know if you want jimmy carter about the keynote speech and it would remind everyone about the failed presidency. clinton is the guy to do it and he'll talk about things. it will be a fascinating speech and that is a risk for the obamas. clinton gives a great speech and might give a better speech than the president does and that is the risk they take. they have to take the risk. they not as far ahead as they should be and in some cases, they're behind in the polls. >> i think the president is confident about his speech- speaking abilities. i think jim is right. this is an important speach. i tell you that bill clinton is going to draw the contrast hard with romney. he's going lay it out and say, look, here are two different philosophies where we go in the country. one stands up for the middle class, one has more tax breaks for the middle wealthy. one. s to cut back on education, on pre-k, on all of these programs that help people and move america forward.
7:46 am
i think he's going to be tough. >> uh-huh. >> and he was tough in 2004. people forget that speech where he said, look, these bush tax cuts are great for me, i'm making money hand over fist here. let me tell you something -- . >> peter, peter. >> am i giving a speech? >> peter, hold on for one sec. where is unemployment? >> unemployment is going down. we created 4 1/2 million jobs the last 2 1/2 years. >> unemployment -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> more jobs created -- >> no, no. >> gentlemen, gentlemen, we're going to quit it there, huh? >> we have to leave it, there i'm sorry. >> and we'll schedule another debate in a week or so. >> good to see you. appreciate it. >> back to you. >> thank you, guys. tvs dr. size in up to for a special event. 1,000 checkups in one day. holly morris has more from howard university college of medicine now. good morning? >> reporter: good morning. the excitement is building. i want to ask this question,
7:47 am
did everyone get their picture with dr. oz? >> no. >> that is the most popular thing going. there are 1,000 free physicals given in an eight-hour time period and those are people going to do it. the wonderful volunteers from howard university hospital and the college of medicine. right now, the one and only dr. oz who is coordinating the whole thing is going to give us the speech. you ready? >> yeah. >> and when i went through med school, i was put in the option room the first week and i went to residency in new york city and i was in harlem and was in the part of the state burp deserved dangerous at times, too. and folks desired the care. we went into medicine for days like. this. >> yeah. >> we went into medicine. we know the desire and passion to serve at howard university has been around what, medicine is about and we're going to have 1,000 people coming through the doors today and
7:48 am
they scared. and they scared. they don't want the information. they don't know what to do with it when they get it, they don't feel like they're being paid attention to and doesn't make a difference. because you have coverage, doesn't mean you seek out the best care possible. what you're going to do is not just give them five members -- numbers that can change their life forever, but you're going give them the confidence to deal with the numbers. >> reporter: an amazing opportunity, obviously, first and foremost for those coming out and the doctors in training to see someone like dr. oz who is passionate about his mission and teach them how to relate to people and help them in the end become healthier and that is what this is about. won't d.c. to be a healthier city and down here, it's tracy and tracy was in line. tracy, good morning to you? >> and good morn jog. why did you decide you needed to do this? >> i haven't taken care of myself in the past and i am
7:49 am
getting oldir and think that it's time to take care of myself and this is a perfect opportunity. >> are you nervous to hear the information you're going to get today? >> yeah, yeah, i am. y that also nervous. >> reporter: they were responding to dr. oz, obviously. what does it mean for you to see someone like dr. oz here in person doing this? >> awesome. it's awesome. i think it's going to be outstanding that i'm going to meet somebody like him and he's going to do my physical. >> reporter: is somebody like him the reason that you want to get healthier? >> yes, he has inspired me. i watch his show and get a lot of good information from him. >> reporter: we hope your report card is as good as it can be today and you take that information and become healthier. >> thank you. >> reporter: all right, thank you for coming out and this tracie is one of the thousands who will be here. this is not opened to the public. all of the people coming out signed up ahead of time and got their slots.
7:50 am
the key here is that hopefully it will inspire to you take a better look at yourself and to look at the five numbers that dr. oz is preaching that can give you a good indication of where you stand healthwise. of course, we're going to be here throughout the morning and we're going to check in. as they do the individual checkups, what they're going do is enter that in and they will collectively pull the information so d.c. can get a report card on its health in general and so it can have a game plan to better serve the residents and get everyone underway to be healthy. the most important thing now, the doors open in 10 minutes and that is getting the coveted picture with the rock star dr. himself. he's going to be with us throughout the morning and give me a checkup. we'll see where i stand, to. back to you. >> thank you. a remindder that all of his great information about the five lifesaving numbers you need to know is on our website, go to and look for that under the morning's page. all right, tucker barnes is here and has more on this
7:51 am
morning's weather situation. >> yes, still steamy out there. the temperatures in the upper 70s, overnight lows in the mid- 70s and not by september and hang in there. it's going to get better and better this afternoon. lease humid. >> okay. >> and all right. -- less humidity. >> glass half full. the numbers at reagan national in the 70s. the coolest temperature this month, the 5th day of the month has been 73 degrees. >> and that is it? >> a warm start. >> 85 in annapolis and leonardtown. and we have a weak cold front coming through as we speak. and that is bringing us cloud cover and some light showers and sprinkles. and we have the cloud cover around and into the afternoon hours, i think we will get that front to the south and southeast and we should see clearing. partly to mostly sunny skies and maybe less humidity than yesterday. the best chance of thundershowers today will be to the south and east and quieting things down overnight. tomorrow, we'll take the
7:52 am
thunderstorms out of the forecast and hot with the highs in the low 90s and there is your seven-day forecast. 85 today and hot thursday, friday, and a cooldown this weekend into early next week and highs by tuesday and wednesday and mid-70s in september. >> i like that. cooler and nice. >> yes. >> and that is the headline. >> and cooler for the day. >> he's julie with the rush hour. >> and we have had delays southbound on the baltimore washington parkway. our friend sandy is checking in here headed from the veteran's parkway and heading southbound. heading past prince georges hospital. and thank you very much, scorpio, 767 fridge -- 767 for checking in here and continuing to pennsylvania avenue, and of course, inbound new york avenue below speed here as well and this is bandit, who checked in with the delay at a complete standstill across the anacostia and to the traffic light at bladensberg road and southbound along 270 and with lanes open.
7:53 am
you will find yourself below speed as you continue to work your trip out of germantown and to the split. that is a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. more of the fox 5 morning news after the break. 
7:54 am
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. emergency officials in louisiana released the first damage estimates in the wake of hurricane isaac. massive piles of soaked furniture and garbage now outlying the streets in several neighborhoods outside of new orleans. at least 13,000 homes were damaged in the state, mostly by flooding and some of the low lying areas are still under water. neighboring mississippi is suffering similar damage. winds from hurricane isaac have unearthed more of the mysterious ship's structure located along the alabama coast. portions of the ship were first spotted in 2008 after hurricane ike blew through.
7:57 am
historians believe the ship which was likely built in the airliney 20th century, was carrying a load of timber and ran aground after hitting rough waters in 1930. wow. >> fascinating. >> uh-huh. coming up at 8, more reaction to first lady michelle obama's speech at the democratic national convention last night. how it compared to what ann romney had to say at the republican convention last week. >> and for all of you football fans out there, lauren demarco tells us about an app that let's you talk with your friends and follow your favor tonight -- favorite teams during live games. that is cool. we'll be right back.   heavy load in amamerica. but mit romney plan, a middle class to $2,000 more a year in taxes. multi-millionaires like himself hits the middle class harder... bigger break. forward for america? this message.
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>> your realtime captioner: linda macdonald. straight ahead at 8:00 a rousing reception for first lady michelle obama. we'll look back at last night's address. >> plus a warning for apple fans. what a possible hack attack means for millions of iphone, ipad and mac users. we'll have a live report. >> and later, where's the beef? we'll tell you why mcdonald's is going meatless in some locations. good morning, i'm tony perkins. >> i'm allison seymour. welcome to "fox 5 morning
8:01 am
news." let's get to tucker and julie in just a minute. first we are taking the pulse of the district. get it? with a little help from dr. oz, the tv star in town today to help perform 1,000 free 15- minute physicals at howard university. our holly morris will be live with dr. oz. >> if you aren't already preregistered to see dr. oz today, it's already too late. the physicals will only be given to people who already signed up and they already have 1,000 of those people. that's extraordinary. >> wonderful. >> it is good, yeah. a minute after the hour. the birthday boy is with us now for the full forecast. >> still summary out there with plenty of humidity to start the day. i'm trying to give it a good spin. >> do what you can. >> a summery day. >> the people love it because we give it to them straight, no chaser. >> right, allison. [ laughter ] sprinkles out to the west a
8:02 am
weak cold front. we'll have sunshine and less humidity later. that's the smile on the forecast. a little less humidity than we have been dealing with. current temperature at reagan national 79 degrees not cooling off, 81 quantico, 70s north and west, 75 gaithersburg. your forecast high today hot, upper 80s here in washington but 87. check out 90 in quantico, 84 annapolis. cooler and less humidity tonight and better toward the weekend. details on that in just a minute. >> thank you. >> let's go to julie wright for traffic. >> eastbound on the dulles toll road and 66, heavy volume to accompany the trip but now there's a portion of eastbound 7 that's shut down between tolson road and louisville road. no one getting by eastbound toward the capital beltway. the dulles toll road is slow
8:03 am
coming in from wolf trap to the beltway. over on 66, 30 minutes from centreville to the beltway with the average speed down to 16 miles an hour past fair oaks. no problems on the beltway. slow out of gaithersburg headed for the split. that's a check of your "fox 5 on-time traffic.." day 2 of the democratic convention begins in just a few hours. today, a former president will take the spotlight setting aside a bitter rivalry to explain why he thinks president obama is the right man for the white house. >> but former president bill clinton and the rest of his party have their work cut out topping yesterday's kickoff. sarah simmons has a look at the two big speeches from last night. >> reporter: san antonio mayor julian castro was the keynote speaker but the most rousing reception was reserved for first lady michelle obama. she didn't mention mitt romney by name, but there was no mistake the point she was
8:04 am
trying to make last night. >> being president doesn't change who you are. no, it reveals who you are. [ applause ] >> reporter: selling her husband's vision -- >> for barack, success isn't about how much money you make. it's about the difference you make in people's lives. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama lovingly praised president obama and characterized him as a man the country can trust to revive the economy. >> he reminds me that we are playing a long game here and that change is hard. >> reporter: she never mentioned republican nominee mitt romney. instead, leaving that to the politicians. >> mitt romney quite simply doesn't get it. >> reporter: making history with the first latino to deliver a keynote address at the democratic convention, san antonio mayor julian castro defended the president's economic record, asking voters for more time. >> we have seen 4.5 million new jobs. he knows better than anyone that there's more hard work to
8:05 am
do. but we're making progress. >> reporter: the night full of big name democrats and rising stars in the party and actor cal penn who left hollywood to work for the obama administration. >> my favorite job was having a boss who gave the order to take out bin laden and who is cool with all of us getting gay married. so thank you invisible man in the chair. >> reporter: kal penn poking fun at clint eastwood's speak at the republican national convention last week. paul ryan will be back in iowa talk about the economy the second day of a two-day blitz in the hawkeye state. mitt romney is still laying low at his new england vacation home. closesser to home democrat rob krupicka is the runaway winner at the virginia house of delegates. when the results are certified he will replace david england who resigned after having an extramarital affair. maryland flash at half-
8:06 am
staff in honor of an edgewater navy seal who will be buried today. special warfare operator petty officer first class patrick feeks died last month in a helicopter crash in afghanistan. his funeral will be held today at the fort myer memorial chapel. afterwards he will be interred at arlington national cemetery. a prince george's county police officer is facing charges after allegedly lying about a confrontation with a suspect that led to gunfire. corporal donald taylor told his supervisors that 19-year-old ryan dorm was aggressively resisting arrest and his gun went off during their struggle but new surveillance video seen here just released seems to contradict that story. it shows taylor approaching dorm from behind with his gun drawn, then then it shows a flash of light when taylor struck him. dorm spent nearing four months in jail as a result of thi incident. the metropolitan police department in d.c. has split up
8:07 am
a specialized unit that investigated officer-involved shootings. department officials say there's been a dramatic reduction in the number of cases in the last decade and the resources could be better used somewhere else. new this morning, one person is dead and a suspect is in custody after a shooting at an election speech in montreal last night during the new premier of quebec's victory rally. the premiere was removed from the stage unhurt. the incident is being investigated. crews in california working around the clock battle a wildfire raging in the san gabriel mountains. the flames have burned more than 5 square miles and because of a hot, dry forecast, it could take more than a week to contain. the calm winds have not pushed the fire closer to the suburbs of los angeles. finally, preliminary estimates finally show hurricane isaac damaged at least 13,000 homes in louisiana
8:08 am
alone. the good news for people affected by the storm, congressional aides are working on the hill making sure a disaster relief program that would provide relief for the gulf coast stays funded. this story could affect anyone with an apple device such as an iphone or ipad. a hacker group says it stole personal information about owners from an fbi laptop so what does this mean for you? fox 5's melanie alnwick reports. reporter: the group calls itself antisec and says its goal is to steal and leak classified government information. they have linked up with the "hacktivist" group "anonymous" to publicize some of the work they have done and here it is. one million apple ids and user names connected to them made available to download and publish. every apple device has a unique identification number that lets itunes and app developers know
8:09 am
which device is running which apps. antisec says it found the file after it hacked into the laptop of an fbi agent connected to the national cyberforensics and training alliance or ncfta, a group that shares information on cyberthreats. antisec says the entire file is actually 12 million apple identification numbers and that the entire file contained user names, zip codes, cell phone numbers and addresses but it chose just to post the device name and number. the group claims the fbi is using the apple device information for what it calls a tracking people project. the fbi took to twitter to basically say that this information is not they are disputing the group's claims. they are saying that they never had the information in question. bottom line, totally false. security experts aren't saying this isn't necessarily a security risk with just the information that was posted but it was able to be put together
8:10 am
with other personally identifiable information. it could pose a security risk. the question is, if the fbi didn't give them this information, where did it come from? what is it being used for? we have a link on our website, where you can find your device's user identification number and check to see if it was part of the compromised data. >> i'll be checking. thank you. the wait is almost over for die-hard fans of the nfl but all eyes are still on the replacement refs. >> an update on the latest lockout negotiations and a preview of the first wednesday night game in almost 70 years, coming up. >> but first, we'll go live to howard university medical center where the doors are now open to today's dr. oz 15- minute physical. you see him out there himself escorting people in. people have been waiting. you have to preregister to be in on the free physicians today. we're going to check back in
8:11 am
with holly as dr. oz gets started here in the nation's capital. it's 8:10 right now, 79 degrees.
8:12 am
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making headlines in the day ahead the beginning of the end of the drew peterson murder trial. today jury deliberations begin after five weeks of testimony. the former illinois police officer is accused of killing his third wife. the board meets today to talk about how to better run itself. the airport authority is looking at reforms to repair its image. they have been accused of steering contracts to former members as well as incurring lavic travel expenses. drivers in montgomery county, watch out for tree removal crews along wisconsin avenue. today crews will take down five
8:15 am
large elm trees in the area in chevy chase. 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. today through friday. >> a little preventative care goes a long way. >> it will be better in the end. tucker barnes joins us now. he has the forecast and a little something extra on the this day. >> that's right. let's do it. cutest factor of the day. >> is that his actual name king irving? >> that's the information i have been giving. >> great name. >> i don't know that i have ever heard that as a name. >> his grandfather sent us the picture of the 6-month-old getting his hair washed in the sink. >> yeah. >> isn't it amazing that everyone you knew once fit in a
8:16 am
sink? [ laughter ] >> he is in a double sink. he is a little guy. [ laughter ] >> he is a little guy. >> so cute. >> all right. we love the picture. send us your child's picture. go to and click on "mornings." >> that's so cute. let's do some weather. you know what? another warm and very muggy start to your day. temperatures currently in the upper 70s and low 80s. 79 in washington. 80 in annapolis. 82 in quantico this morning. cambridge your temperature gauge not right there. i can guarantee you're in the 70s, as well. the entire area in the 70s. dew point temperatures running in the 70s, as well. so not terribly comfortable. we're not the only ones getting in on the late summertime heat. 77 currently in new york city. 75 in boston. so we are warm up and down the eastern seaboard. we had a few light showers and sprinkles today. it didn't amount to much but it's a change in air mass. as the weak front pushes through here later this morning and later this afternoon, we should start to feel slightly
8:17 am
drier air moving in. not going to be comfortable but maybe a little better than what we have been dealing with the last several days. you can see the front just to the north and west of new york stretching down into parts of our viewing area just off to the north and west into eastern west virginia so when we get that front east of us should be a little drier that afternoon partly to mostly sunny later today with the risk of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm south and east of the city. just be ready for that. here's your accuweather seven- day forecast. 91 tomorrow. 92 friday. another cold front will cool us down for the weekend. fall weather, if you love it, it's here next week, mid-70s daytime highs on monday and tuesday. so a little taste of fall. back to you guys. >> thank you. a couple of weeks ago we asked viewers to sign up for a 15-minute physical. today thanks to dr. oz and the medical team at howard university, 1,000 people will get a check-up. >> that's amazing. our own holly morris is out there with all of them and joins us live from the campus of howard university with more.
8:18 am
so have the physicals begun? >> reporter: 1,001 people are getting a physical. i'm trying to be calm. i'm nervous, afraid my blood pressure will be high. if anybody knows what to do, it's dr. oz. he is here helping to give all the physicals. how am i doing? >> you feel the squeeze? that's the blood pressure being done and at the same time stand for one second. i'm going to get your waist size. everyone at home do this take the measuring tape, get the belly button and hips, go around and then suck in. perfect. now -- >> reporter: that will bring my blood pressure up. >> that number has to be less than half your height. anyone can do this. let's say you're 5'5", 65 inches divide in half 32.5". >> why is your waist size so important? what is that an indication? >> if your waist size is
8:19 am
elevated that fat is squeezing organs in the belly poisoning them. it will raise your blood pressure. your blood pressure is 120/80 which is fantastic. >> i think it went lower. >> so we have a blood pressure number that's good. >> i want to understand the blood pressure numbers because there's the upper number and the lower number and what do i need to know about that. >> the upper number is how fast the blood -- how powerfully it's surging into your body. and the lower number is how it can relax when it's squeezing. you want the numbers to be low enough that your body doesn't feel like it's aging prematurely. optimal is 120/80 which means it's coming in there forcibly with your body relaxing letting it go. so not knowing those numbers is a foolish thing to do because your risk for stroke, heart attack and guess what, for the women, wrinkles. all those things. so less than a minute. your waist size took 10 seconds. the only part that people get nervous about is having their finger pricked which is -- >> i don't do well with
8:20 am
needles. good thing i'm sitting down. >> let's take the fourth digit. warm the finger up. there is no blood drawn from the veins or arms, nothing, very simple. ready, one, two, three. and you're done. see the blood coming out there? >> reporter: no, i don't want to see it. >> you wipe the first one clear. you have lots of good blood. >> oh, good. >> after i collect this blood, i put it in a little vial and run your blood test off it and i can tell you cholesterol and blood sugar number and those numbers are critically important because they will tell me how much the inside of your body is rusting. >> reporter: the other thing about these five numbers it's not only knowing what they are, what they should be, how to change them if i need tomorrow. these are all things i can do on my own. >> reporter: i want you doing them on your own. >> most people are scared of the numbers. they are easy to adjust and
8:21 am
things like your food, diet, all that stuff -- did this hurt you? >> reporter: not as far as you know. >> it brings me pleasure. i'm a surgeon after al. >> reporter: it really doesn't hurt. the thing that i think is great is about this whole thing is the dialogue that exists while this is all going on. >> it's all about service. i told the students when i started. this is why i went into medicine. this is you're going into medicine. at the end of the day if you can give people a little passion that their bodies that you have for their bodies, that my goodness, i can make a difference, then you've accomplished your goal. >> reporter: passion is the keyword. i think there's lipstick on the side of your cheek. lots of love for dr. oz here today. we'll check in with other people getting free 15-minute physicians today. am i going to stop bleeding? >> holly, you bled a lot! [ laughter ] >> just kidding. she is with dr. oz. the best.
8:22 am
you can still take advantage of some great medical information even if you're not one of the people getting dr. oz's physical today. go to our website, look under the mornings page for details on the five life- saving numbers that you need to know. speaking of all that type thing, coming up next the new study about cpr that could mean the difference between life and death. >> plus, the star-studded line- up for this year's "stand up 2 cancer" special. time right now is 8:22 and we will be right back. 
8:23 am
anncr: it'll start out as concrete a and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to.
8:24 am
but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart.
8:25 am
it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined. some doctors say hospitals should review their practices when it comes to cpr. a new study published online in the lancet found that patients have a better chance of surviving in hospitals that perform prolonged cpr. an average of just 9 extra minutes can make a difference. patients in hospitals with the longest c pr attempts were 12% more likely to survive and researchers say that a longer duration of cpr does not seem to impact neurological function. the third annual "stand up to cancer" telethon is going to be a star-studded event. more "a" listers have recently signed on to participate in the hour long tv special including
8:26 am
justin timberlake, tom hanks, sophia i never know how to pronounce her last name, missy franklin. it's raised $180 million for cancer awareness. it's scheduled for friday on fox 5. where's the beef? mcdonald's plans to open two vegetarian-only restaurants in india next year. instead of meat, the menu will include a sandwiched with a mashed potato patty and the pizza mcpuff. they already keep beef and pork off the menu where most people are hindu and muslim. coming up, dueling speeching by the two women who would be first lady.
8:27 am
ann romney and michelle obama. >> team of now 8:26. you're watching "fox 5 morning news."  
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
in the headlines, u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon is accusing both the syrian government and the opposition of human rights violations in the ongoing civil war. he is calling on world leaders to unite behind a plan to end the conflict that has claimed at least 23,000 lives and forced more than 230,000 people to flee that country. a transgender inmate serving life in prison for murder is about to get a pricy sex change surgery all on the taxpayer dime. a federal judge ordered massachusetts prison officials to provide the operation for the inmate as a way to treat her gender identity disorder. massachusetts senator scott brown calls the decision, quote, an outrageous abuse of taxpayer dollars. this inmate was born male but
8:31 am
has received hormone treatments and now lives as a woman but in an all-male prison. the public will have its chance to pay tribute to american hero neil armstrong at an event in the district. his family will hold a memorial service for the first man on the moon at the national cathedral september 13. for anyone who can't attend, nasa will stream the service on its website. 8:31 right now. saying good-bye to a true american hero. >> yeah. >> you know? i mean, wow. that's, uhm, it's a sad and also just a wonderful day. >> it will be a celebration of his life. >> what accomplishments he made. >> incredible. all right. i'm going to transition to weather quickly here. just let you know, more of the same for the morning hours. we might dry out a little bit later this afternoon. some hints we'll get some sunshine and maybe a little less humidity although it will still be a very warm afternoon. currently it's nice and warm
8:32 am
and humid. 79 in washington this morning, 80 in annapolis, lots of 70s off to the north and west. 75 manassas, frederick. dew point temperatures in the 70s too so still a lot of humidity. we have had a shower or two off to the north and west. they have fallen apart but there is lurking here just north and west a weak cold front that's doing its very best to get through the region and that's why we're hopeful that the air will be a little drier this afternoon. the air mass behind this front not cooler but a logical drier. so particularly washington points north and west the air may dry out for you a little bit this afternoon the bigger picture we have another front out to the north and west near chicago so we are going to see the conditions here in improve steadily over the next couple of days as we have a series of weak cold fronts kind of come through the area. here's a look at your futurecast. futurecast very aggressive with the front showing the shower activity. at noon clouds and a few leftover showers and then at least partial sunshine late this afternoon and during the evening hours. i think we'll dry it out and again a little cooler tonight and less humidity so we are
8:33 am
heading in the right direction finally after dealing with isaac for days and days. there is your seven-day forecast. accuweather seven day. hot thursday and friday. check the daytime highs mon and tuesday will feel like september in the 70s. back to you. ... when it comes to his character and his convictions and his heart, barack obama is still the same man i fell in love with all those years ago. is. >> first lady michelle obama electrifying the crowd in charlotte last night with an emotional speech about her husband, president barack obama, of course. the first lady's address was autobiographical touching on details from their life together and how they were raised. how does it compare to ann romney's speech about her life with her husband mitt romney during last week's republican convention? joining us with more inside jennifer lawless director of
8:34 am
the women in politics institute at american university. jennifer has been here before and we said we're going to have you back when things really heat up and here you're, thanks for boeing with us today. >> thanks for having me. >> let's talk about the role of this very important female figure in our society, in history. how important is the woman who is the wife of the president? >> i think she is very important, far more on the campaign trail than once the person gets elected. and that's because she's uniquely situated to establish the personal credentials of her husband. not only to talk about what he is like as a husband or father or as a person, but also to vouch for that candidate's integrity like no one else can. >> you have said or you say that ann romney's message what she needed to do was vouch for the character but michelle obama's role last night was to vouch for her husband's vision. she did that without really bashing his opponent didn't
8:35 am
really say much, didn't say mitt romney's name, just sort of talked about what the president has done. how did each deliver their message, their personal message? >> well, i think ann romney did an excellent job and if everything wasn't relative in politics, she probably would have gotten an a. but compared to the speech michelle obama gave last night she fell short. ann romney did a good job demonstrating that her husband had some degree of likeability and that was a quality that was missing and indeed, after the convention, the likeability gap did seem to close a little bit. but last night what michelle obama did was demonstrate that if you trust her husband, if you like her husband, then just be patient. over the course of the last four years he has accomplished more than anybody would have thought possible given the circumstances even if that's not what they have talked about so much. and by trusting him and trusting her, you can move forward for the next four years and see more of the same. >> it sounded very interesting though the similarities because we heard ann romney say, you know, i still love that guy i
8:36 am
fell in love with in high school and he still makes me laugh and we just heard in the short clip the first lady say, sort of the same thing. why is this important? >> well, it's about relateability and people want to know -- we have that famous question which candidate would you rather have a beer with? so basically this election cycle is which candidate would you rather date? and i think what we've seen is both wives say that these are great guys. i think that it has work in both cases they really did make a case for their husbands. the one thing that distinguishes the two though is that the stories that michelle obama told were more relatable i think to the average american family and couple looking back on what their circumstances were like 20 years ago. with ann and mitt romney it's still a little divorced from the typical middle class experience. >> i know that you were here in d.c. with us, but from the delegates when they're looking at, you know, their gal in either party, is it pretty much going to be along party lines do you think or would a speech sort of sway people who maybe
8:37 am
were on the fence this time around for the president? >> i think these speeches really are to rally the base. there is no question that people are voting for the presidential candidate and not the spouse. but i do think that what we see in ann romney and in michelle obama are people who are willing to go out there and make the case for their husbands and that's important for both parties because if they can make the case to the partisans and encourage them to vote then mitt romney and barack obama can make the case to the independents and try it sway them and get their votes. >> from here on out should we expect to see them on the campaign trail coupled up as they say? will we see ann romney now from now on and michelle obama from now on? >> i think we'll see them separately because both have demonstrated that they are very, very effective surrogates so you can kind of have two for the price of one and deploy them and be in two cities at the same time. >> very interesting. okay, and also, a lot was made -- we heard that michelle obama
8:38 am
said to have written the speech herself and then that versus the fact that this was ann romney's first big speech first time using a teleprompter. very interesting there. was more expected do you think from the first lady becaus of that? >> she had big shoes to fill, her own after 2008. the one thing that distinguishes the two speeches is that michelle obama's was full of policy for specific groups. ann romney said she and mitt romney love women. michelle obama said why her husband is good for women. that's the big difference we'll see moving forward on the campaign trail. >> thank you, jennifer lawless at the women and politics institute at american university and a friend of the show. thank you. >> thank you. 8:38 on this wednesday morning. still ahead, just in time for football season a new app that lets you follow the nfl and
8:39 am
stay in touch with family and friends deployed overseas. lauren demarco explains how. >> but first, are you ready for some football? or more importantly, are you ready for the replacement refs? we'll be right back. 
8:40 am
i'm barack obama, and i approve this message.  mitt romney's position on women's's dangerous. vo:mitt romney and paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. and allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. we can't afford to let him take away our choices... to take away basic health care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest. i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades. so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute.
8:41 am
verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
8:42 am
oh, for football fans the wait is over! >> tonight the cowboys take on the reigning super bowl champs new york giants. tonight's game is being played on a wednesday, of course, so it won't interfere with the president's speech to the dnc tomorrow. it is the first nfl game on a wednesday since september 22, 1948! >> wow. >> all right. the season kicks off with replacement refs from the college and high school ranks. the league and the referees union are at a stalemate over a new contract. one of the main sticking points is the demand by the nfl that some of the 121 refs become full-time employees. but the union maintains most of them have outside careers. >> tv personality kelly ripa officially has a new cohost, michael strahan making his debut on the show yesterday which is now called live with kelly and michael. strahan who used to play
8:43 am
football with the new york giants replaces regis philbin. in addition to the morning show, strahan will also continuing hosting fox nfl sunday. >> kind of a surprise pick. >> i like him on the show. actually saw him once. >> okay. very good. coming up next on "fox 5 morning news," how you can use your phone to follow the upcoming nfl season and stay connected to loved ones deployed to a war zone. >> but first, how healthy is the district? we're finding out with a little help from dr. oz. good morning, holly. >> reporter: good morning to you. not only is dr. oz taking a check-up of the city but he is doing it with the help of 200 volunteers from howard university hospital. we are live here today where they are giving free 15-minute checkups to 1,000 poem who signed up early. coming up next we'll talk about the results. we'll see where people stand and talk about the five numbers you need to know about your own health. it's all next on "fox 5 morning news." stay with us.
8:44 am
i thought of something else we need for the baby. what's that? it's a 200 watts per channel dynamically balanced surround sound wireless baby monitor... with a sub wolfer. good idea you should also probably have this fuschia leather diaper clutch.
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services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia. ♪[ music ] time for our facebook fan of the day. and today, we say hello to pamela jenkins. she says she has been' fan since moving to the d.c. region
8:47 am
12 years ago with the united states army j yeah. >> army strong. for your chance to be tomorrow's fan, log on to our facebook page and leave a comment under pamela's super cute picture. >> great picture. tv's dr. oz is in town for a special event. 1,000 checkups in just one day. he is at howard university to get a good look at the health of district. fox 5's holly morris has more from the howard medical center. >> he is working. this guy is in high demand. he is like rock star status around here. the day is going smoothly everything as planned. there is a line outside, doors opened up just after 8:00. and there are 1,000 people that signed up ahead of time in order to get these free 15- minute physicians. so they come through about 125 every hour or so. and there's five different things that they are looking for in order to give people an assessment of where their
8:48 am
health is. so they take their blood pressure, they take their weight, they take their waist size. they also do a blood prick on their finger and they can get two things from that, their blood sugar which is a sign of diabetes and then test their cholesterol. when they get the results they do the analysis, they then talk with the patient to find out, you know, this is where you stand, this is what your numbers of concern are, and then here's your game plan, your plan of action in terms of how you can become healthier. now, obviously, each person individually is getting his own check-up but at the same time, the city is getting a checkup, as well. so at the end of the day all of this information will be given to d.c. so there can be a report card so to speak of where the city stands health wise and they always say the things that they find people -- you know, people don't realize that they have high blood pressure, they are at risk for diabetes. so there's a lot of different things like that. i want to check in with one
8:49 am
person. tanya, you went through the check-up? >> yes, i did. >> reporter: how was it is. it was nice. >> reporter: were you nervous? >> yes, i was. >> reporter: what were you most nervous about? >> what my levels were going to read. >> reporter: so you have already gotten the results back? >> i have. >> reporter: and they said everything is okay? >> no. they're a little high. >> reporter: what's high? >> my triglycerides and my ldl level and some other stuff that i really don't know. >> reporter: but they are going to give you a game plan on how to get that under control and get back on track. yes, they are. >> reporter: do you feel like that being here today will help you be healthier? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: what was the main reason for you signing up? i don't have health insurance. >> reporter: and so this is a way for you to get a good physical? >> yes, it was. >> reporter: so you feel like it was time well spent? >> yes. >> reporter: and now your blood pressure is down because you're not as nervous because it's all over, right? >> yes. [ laughter ] >> reporter: very good. she's just one of the 1,000 that are going to be here today it runs from 8 until 4. but you can see it's going pretty well.
8:50 am
now, here's the thing if you are watching us at home and you're like this is a great opportunity, i should hop out there, unfortunately you can't do that. this was all signed up ahead of time. people had to sign up ahead of time and then get their slot and so they are slated for the day. but the whole point is that this can be a wake-up call for everyone to maybe go and talk to their own doctor and say, hey, where do i stand in terms of these five numbers? and why they chose these five numbers is the fact that all these things are things we can control and things that we can control fairly easily, maybe changing our diet, adding exercise. i did get my finger pricked last hour earlier in the hour so i'm going to find dr. oz and we'll continue to get updates as we check up on the city here. back to you in the studio. >> i suspect you are very healthy. thank you very much. whether you follow the nfl or college football, there is a new way to experience your favorite football matchups. >> a group of guys developed a new iphone app here in our area that launched at an event in
8:51 am
crystal city over the weekend and the ceo a 17-year military vet says it's also a great way to connect with friends and family deployed overseas. fox 5's lauren demarco has more in today's smartphone zone. zone. ♪ [ music ] reporter: >> football season arrived. i never thought you would hear that and then come to me. there is a mobile app created in our area called yellowflag and it provides a virtual tailgate or a little tailgate in your pocket. joining me are the creators josh and gabe peyton the cofounders and also jason. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thanks for having us. >> reporter: this is exciting. you guys came up with this concept. it is an app where it's sort of a social network where you can connect with your friends and trash talk and it's also got
8:52 am
score updates. tell me a little bit, first of all, about how it started why you decided to make an app like this. >> yes. so first and foremost we're football fans and so we -- >> clearly. [ laughter ] >> that's right. >> and so i went to auburn undergrad, my brother is a huge lsu fan, my family from louisiana originally. and so my brother and i and a bunch of friends were trying to communicate. we were using text messaging at the time and weigh thought we could create a better product. it is the fastest way that you can communicate during live football games with your friends. >> reporter: you're behind the development of it. when you log on you need to have a facebook account, right? >> right. so we leveraged the social grasp that you have already created in facebook to pull in all your friends into the app. >> reporter: for those of us who may not want, say, our parents to read some of the trash talking that we're doing, you can decide whether you want
8:53 am
to actually post on your facebook page or not and keep it within yellowflag? >> absolutely. we value our users' privacy incredibly. when the app starts up it asks you for different levels of permission to post to your facebook wall or not. you can turn it off and nothing will go back to facebook. but you can still use the app and pull in all your friends. >> reporter: josh, i want to wrap it up with you because you also were wounded in iraq and you have kind of a goal here to employ and hire wounded warriors and veterans that work on the app with you? >> yes. so, you know, last year i was wounded in iraq and ended up in walter reed and have been part of the wounded transition unit, the warrior transition unit since then. i just think that wounded warriors just, you know, soldiers in general have an affinity for sports. and, you know, if you can't be a part of it the way that you
8:54 am
used to before your injuries, maybe being a part of yellowflag will give them one way that they can be interacting with sports. as we gain popularity, we absolutely want to get to the point where we can hire veterans and wounded warriors to be part of our company and help us succeed. >> reporter: great. really great to meet you guys. love what you're doing. i love the app. it's very cool to look at and keeping the scores and information on players along with the fun. so thank you so much for coming in. best of luck to you. hope everything works out. >> thanks for having us. absolutely. >> reporter: send it back to you guys at the desk. it's a free app and we'll have more information on that on back to you. >> very interesting. all right, lauren. thank you very much. now, tonight the yellowflag crew will be back out at the crystal city sports pub for the nfl kickoff game. there's also a yellowflag campus challenge under way where the school with the most downloads wins scholarship money. again, all of the information
8:55 am
is on our website, >> we used to do that a group of us watching pageants but we would have to call after the break. who do you think is going to win? i love connecting people. still ahead at 9:00, we're going to check back in with holly and dr. oz as he and his team give free physicians to 1,000 d.c. residents. >> extraordinary. also the debate over the national debt. wisdom will be back with how high the clock has climbed. it's 8:55. "fox 5 morning news" will be right back. ñ
8:56 am
8:57 am
4g lte has the fastest speeds. so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
8:58 am
>> your realtime captioner: linda macdonald we must work like never before. and we must once again come together. >> that's first lady michelle obama. she takes center stage at the democratic national convention making an emotional case for her husband. highlights from the first night
8:59 am
of the convention ahead. plus, republicans focusing on the nation's debt. a look at how much america owes and how much it's costing you. >> and millions of apple users at risk this morning. melanie alnwick is live with the important details about a massive security breach. >> and later, don't miss one dog's incredibly long journey as to find his owner. that's a good boy right there. >> it is quite a story. of course, all morning long, holly is spending the morning with america's favorite doctor. 1,000 people are getting physicals at howard university this morning from dr. oz and the great team at the college of medicine. >> we want to mention it is closed to the public. participants preregistered. we'll take you inside to see all the action throughout the show. good wednesday morning. i'm allison seymour. >> i'm tony perkins. straight-up 9:00 now. tucker barnes is in the weather center with the latest on

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